Welcome to SolarThing’s documentation!

SolarThing is an application that can monitor data from a variety of solar charge controllers and inverters. Code and issues available at https://github.com/wildmountainfarms/solarthing.

This documentation is targetted at people who have Raspberry Pis or any Debian based operating system. However, SolarThing can run on any OS.

The primary purpose of SolarThing is to get data and upload it to a database. Using CouchDB allows for the best SolarThing experience, but InfluxDB can also be used. CouchDB can run on Raspberry Pis >= 3, but using a separate computer or server for CouchDB is recommended.

To install, checkout Installation.

If you do not have your Raspberry Pi setup yet, you can instead start at Headless Raspberry Pi Setup.


Maintaining SolarThing